Non-Seasonal Decor


I bought a floor lamp from Wayfair that was inspired by the bells at the railway stations. It doesn't take too much of space yet puts out a good amount of light.

Above the dining table hangs the pendant light in the dining area that was inspired by the street lamps that were used in the olden days. It goes perfectly with the antique furniture and the seasonal themes inspired by the beautiful outdoors.

I bought the wider Atrium Glass Table Lamp from Pottery Barn. Currently, they only have Atrium Glass Tall Table Lamp. This is a fillable lamp made of mouth-blown glass. It looks beautiful as it is or filled with your favorite pieces.


I had been hunting for a plain jute rug which would be easy on the pocket and storage space. I found one with bright teal print at the World Market for just $150. The reverse side had splotches of print which makes it look antique. This was perfect for the casual, rustic, antique, lived-in feel I was going for! I use this rug for the warmer seasons.

I bought a 5x7 ivory colored rug for cooler seasons. It is plush and adds a touch of sophistication. This rug was bought prior to going organic. A better option would be Flokati Wool Shag Rug for $199 at SuperAreaRugs and for $179.10 at Houzz.


My couches are old but sturdy and comfy and they would be the last piece of furniture that I would want to get rid of. So, I decided to freshen them up. I bought white cotton slipcovers from Surefit that scream casual and fresh. They would transition well from one season to another - From Winter to Beach to Summers. The folds and wrinkles add to the casual laidback feel. For Autumn, I prefer warmer shades. I decided to go for beige-colored slipcovers that would provide a neutral backdrop for my throw pillows as well as act as secondary slipcovers when the white ones go for washing. The beige-colored loveseat slipcovers from Surefit were too short for my couches. So, I ordered the sofa-length slipcovers and stitched and tucked the slipcovers to make it look custom fit. Surefit provides the option to buy Scotchgard treated slipcovers, but I chose the regular ones. Scotchgard is used for stain resistance but is harmful to humans and the environment.


I bought the sustainable Alpaca Fringe Throw that's folded on the armchair, from Coyuchi. This is a very soft and light throw; good for summers and light cold. Coyuchi is dedicated to creating items that are natural and eco-friendly.

I have an old faux fur throw by Pottery Barn, which is not eco-friendly. But since I plan to use my old items till I don't get bored of it or it becomes old and unusable. I searched for some natural throws. Here are two options - fur throw, currently for $$1,799.98 and eco-friendly wool throw for $40.


The Pocket Wall Watch with stylized black Roman numerals from Pottery Barn inspired by antique English pocketwatch hangs above the floor lamp. You can either place it on the easel or hang it on a wall.


To keep the indoor air happy, I kept in one corner, a happy plant (Dracaena Fragrans ‘Massangeana’) potted in a rustic whitewashed antique looking pot.


I decided to buy a white cotton table runner to create a white and beige arrangement in the dining room mimicking the arrangement in the living room. Now, the 82" white cotton table runner from target adorns the dining table. I also liked the linen & cotton throw sold at Houzz.


I use the mango wood tray to a create seasonal centerpiece for the dining table. This tray was bought from Target.


The mirror that rests on the buffet is an old mirror from the bathroom! When I upgraded the bathroom, I decided to put this mirror to good use. I decided to a create a black frame for the mirror to create a symmetry with the TV in the living room that is a couple of meters away from the buffet. Since I have no experience with woodworking and wanted to make something really easy, I decided to create a border with tape! I neatly applied the black tape that I had at home to create an even border. No one so far has been able to tell its a tape 😉


The only figurine that stays out round the year is the angel gifted by a very close friend. I love angel figurines and this was a surprise. It is displayed on the buffet and makes me happy whenever I see it.

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