Living Area Furniture

I decided to go step by step to create a seasonal theme - furniture, soft furnishings & non-seasonal decor and, finally the details to create a seasonal theme. Let's start with the furniture.


My couches from Target are nine years old but still sturdy and comfy. They are the perfect size for our small living area. They are longer than most loveseats and smaller than a sofa. So, I decided to freshen them up. I bought white cotton slipcovers from Surefit that scream casual and fresh. They would transition well from one season to another - From Winter to Beach to Summers. The folds and wrinkles add to the casual laidback feel. For Autumn, I prefer warmer shades. I decided to go for beige-colored slipcovers that would provide a neutral backdrop for my throw pillows and double duty as secondary slipcovers when the white ones go for washing. The beige-colored loveseat slipcovers from Surefit were too short for my couches. So, I ordered the sofa-length slipcovers and stitched and tucked the slipcovers to make it look custom fit. Surefit provides the option to buy Scotchgard treated slipcovers, but I chose the regular ones. Scotchgard is used to make the slipcovers stain resistant but is harmful to humans and the environment.

I decided to place one couch facing the TV and another perpendicular to it, dividing the living and the dining areas. I later bought a swivel chair from Living Spaces to occupy the space below the small window and hide the ugly AC. I added an ottoman on the side to act as a side table or a footrest. I also use it as an extra seating at the dining table - you'll read more about it in the coming posts. The U-shape setup works well for conversations.

Coffee Table

The round coffee table from Houzz is made from reclaimed barn wood and is perfect for our small space. The lack of corners eases the flow around it. The hairpin legs ensure the table does not take up too much space visually while providing ample space to display seasonal decoratives and to put coffee and snacks while entertaining. When we have game nights, we sit around the table and play games. I had to buy brass hairpin legs separately from Etsy since I wasn't fond of the plum colored legs it originally came with. And I think the table looks great with the new legs! For little extra storage, I kept a basket under the table.

TV Console

The TV console is distressed, whitewashed and made of eco-friendly and fast-growing acacia wood. Along with providing storage for TV accessories, it acts as a mini library, that I had always wanted in my home. I found it in Living Spaces and on JossandMain.

Side Table

The side table from Living Spaces is distressed and whitewashed. The legs protruding from the sides instead of the corners add visual interest to the table. I like that it does not match the TV console perfectly and yet goes well with it. This is taller than most side tables and is perfect to display decoratives.

That's all the furniture that I have in my living area. Next, read about lighting, soft furnishings, and non-seasonal decor in the living area. See you soon!

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