Glass Terrarium

This piece looks at home in any theme. Here, I will tell you a few ideas on how this piece can transition from one season to another. Keep some other seasonal accessories around it to enhance the look you are going for.

For the beach theme, put some sand, an air plant and few sea shells and pieces of driftwood.

For summers, add some moss, river pebbles, and succulents.

For fall, add one or two air plants, a small pumpkin, dried fall colored leaves.

For the winter theme, add sea salt to look like fake snow, some tiny pine cones covered with fake snow, a tied bundle of cinnamon sticks to look like logs and one or two twigs to look like leaf-less trees.

Isn't it one of most versatile pieces of decor? If you wish to buy, click here. Can't wait to hear from you and see your pictures!

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