Driftwood Frame DIY

I love to collect souvenirs rather than buy from a store. That way, I collect memories of my experiences and display them in my home, reminding me of those special moments.

I had collected quite a few driftwood pieces from one of the unlikely places - Redwood National Park, CA. That was a memorable trip with friends and family way back during the summer of 2009. I had been putting them in jars and in my centerpieces. When I decided to decorate my home in the beach theme, I found a better use for them - to create a frame of driftwood and memories.

TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes


1. Driftwood Pieces
2. Wood Frame
3. White Matte Paint
4. Paint Brush
5. All Purpose Glue
6. Photo


I had a few wooden frames that I had bought from a dollar store for $1 a few years ago. I also had leftover white matte paint that was used on our cabinets. I roughly coated the frame with the paint just once to give it a rustic finish. I then glued the driftwood pieces to the frame using All Purpose Glue. The frame has a stand attached to it but I chose to use a wall clock stand in an antique brass finish that goes well with the pieces in my living room. And guess where I got the image of water waves to display in the frame - it came from inside the box of an electric toothbrush! Yes! It was that quick and easy. All I needed was to creatively think of using the things I already had. So, how did you like it? I might just make a colored pencil drawing to replace this image, but that's for another day.

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