The bed and the two nightstands are made of acacia wood and match the entertainment center and the buffet. You can still buy the nightstands on Lampsplus and the queen sized bed on Walmart.


I like to have a desk facing the window. I found a slim refinished desk in one of the local antique shops! It is perfect for the limited space between the window and the bed with enough room to pull out the chair.


I had also wanted to add some seating to the bedroom and I found the natural Kubu armchair. I placed it in the corner next to the desk, paired with a low, slim stool.


Bedside Lamps

I bought the wider Atrium Glass Table Lamp from Pottery Barn. Currently, they only have Atrium Glass Tall Table Lamp. This is a fillable lamp made of mouth-blown glass. It looks beautiful as it is or filled with your favorite pieces.

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