Beachy Living Room

As soon as the winters are over, I look forward to making trips to the beaches. But, beaches and weekends always seem far. So, I decided to bring the beach right into my home!

Let's start with the most important piece of furniture in the room - couches. If you read my post on Living Room Furniture, you know that I alternate between the two pairs of slipcovers that I own. For the beach theme, I use the white cotton slipcovers that scream fresh and casual. I wanted a look that was fresh, casual and relaxed, like that of old beach cottages that we see in the magazines.

I sometimes use jute rug that has tiny splotches of green, the shade of the lamp, for a rustic and casual look and other times, I use the plush white rug for a touch of refinement.

One thing that announces the theme from a distance is a painting or a wall art that becomes the main focus of the room. A painting can add an element of romance in the room and set one's mood for the day, just the way a beautiful quote does, but in a more pronounced way. They don't say, "A picture is worth a thousand words", for no reason! I decided to add a painting that had blue water, sand, and swaying seagrass depicting the movement of the sea breeze to lend an airy feel! I loved this painting.

Next, I had to find pillows that would pull together the painting, the accessories, and the furniture! To strike the right balance between the old and the fresh, I had to find pillows that did not look vintage yet were not stark or bright. Color wise, I tried to stay with shades of blue and neutrals - sand and white. I wanted to maximize the seating on the couches without compromising on the comfort, so, I choose 16x16 cotton pillows from Zazzle.

Abstract Serene Blue Throw Pillow
Driftwood Ocean Beach House Coastal Seashore Pillo Throw Pillow
Abstract Serene Blue Throw Pillow
Cyan Cotton Throw Pillow 16
Starfish Pillow
Sea Driftwood Pillow
Nautical, Coastal, Blue Sea Shells Print Throw Pillow
A. I wanted more color in the room, so I picked solid pillow of blue color gradient that reminds me of the deep blue sea.
B. The pillow reminds me of seagrass and gives a light and breezy feel.
C. I wanted to add few pillows with sea shells, in different shades of the water and the sand in the painting. This one looks like a watercolor painting of a starfish.
D. I custom made this solid pillow to add another shade of blue - cyan, from the painting.
E. This one looks at home with the antique, whitewashed furniture.
F. This looks rustic and goes well with the oars and other rustic pieces.
G. This one looks like a watercolor painting of a variety of sea shells, in tones of blue.

The baby alpaca wool throw from Coyuchi is very soft and light, perfect for summers and light cold.

Some of the accessories are collected over the years, like the driftwood pieces in the aluminum pot from Redwood National Park in California, big clamp shell that I bought from a local family store on my trip to Mendocino. I picked up some of the shells from a beach in Puri, India, others I bought from Pottery Barn. I also bought the oars from Pottery Barn. I just love the look of these oars. They are rustic and add a sense of adventure. I found the lighthouse inspired lantern from Living Spaces. The frame on the side table was created by me in just about 10 minutes. The sand dollar and the candle were bought from one of the gift stores. The candle is the perfect finishing touch with the scent of sea salt - fresh and crisp!

I hope you enjoyed the look as much as I enjoyed creating it and living with it every day!

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