If you are a nature lover who loves to live in beautiful spaces, you are at the right place. Here, you will find natural, eco-friendly, and safe home decor that reflects the ever changing moods of the mother nature. Every season brings with itself a new color and a new mood. Spring is almost here and the current mood is 'Coastal Beach'. Go explore! Get inspired! 

Beach Decor

Bring the beach right inside your home!

Beachy DIY

Made with hand collected driftwood and memories!

Beachy Find

Glass Terrarium - A versatile piece of decor!


Furniture, lighting and non-seasonal decor.

Coming Next

Eggy Easter!

About Me

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Hi! I'm Alka. I am on a journey of loving, living and learning. My intention is to be authentic and to live in harmony with the world I live in. My attempt to live and decorate with the rhythms of nature is a tiny step towards it. I love to bring the outdoors inside and to use natural materials to decorate my haven seasonally. To know about how I got started on this journey, read my experience here on my other blog. The greatest challenge I face is to find eco-friendly and compassionate products that can effortlessly transition from one season to another. Apart from the outdoors and decorating, I love long walks, traveling, exploring my world, and creating natural personal care and home cleaning products.

For my other blogs, check the section 'MY OTHER BLOGS' in the footer below. Enjoy!